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Cold Welding Materials

DIAMANT  COLD WELDING Products have been used world-wide for years in production, repair, maintenance to increase productivity and to minimize costs of production. DIAMANT products give application safety in the production of modern machines as well as for modernization of older units. DIAMANT products are used by known machine tool makers in automotive industry,  pump manufacturers, ship yards, foundries and the metal-working industry.

DIAMANT Cold Welding Metal Repair Compounds like Plastic Metals, Multi-Metals, Ultra- Metals & Dichtol (Micro Crack Filling Liquid withstands 500o C & 500 bars); Moglice, DWH and Rapid Repair Compounds provide On- Line repair of mechanical equipment made of Cast Iron, Steel, Brass, Bronze, SS, Ti; DIAMANT further offers repair of Rubber lined parts with Digem and  Sand Blast Proof Highly Abrasion Resistant Coatings with Plasticmetals. 

Multimetal is a metal repair system with excellent mechanical values and high chemical resistance; cures also in thick layers without tension or cracks;can be machined like metal after curing (approx. 4 hours). The Multimetal Repair-Set contains all important products and accessories for quick and price worthy repairs.

Plasticmetal consists of 2 components metal powder + hardener. Special metal powders for an optimum metal adaption for Cast Iron, Steel, Bronze, Brass, Copper, Special hardener Rapid (cures within Five Minutes), Slow ( cures within 45 minutes), Heat Proof (resistant up to +300oC), Thixo (for drip-proof applications), Sand Blast Proof (for high abrasion resistant).
Processing - Free Mixing Ratio ; mix powder + hardener (more powder = puttiable, less powder = pourable); apply within 15 minutes, workable like metal after approx. 45 minutes depending upon the type of hardener used. Perfect metals like character on machining!

DICHTOL is a thin liquid; ready to use for metal impregnation with optimum capillary sealing action for all micro porous castings and machine parts. An easy, quick, very efficient and price-worthy impregnation repair liquid. Does not require any Vacuum or Pressure for impregnation. Suitable for all foundries, engine works, wharfs, machine-works, and Pumps, Turbines, Tanks, Vessels, Containers, Ships and Fittings producers.

MOGLICE is a Low Friction way liner system for the production and overhaul of sliding parts of any kind for improved sliding properties and decrease in production costs with  increase in productivity; an unsurpassed alternate to conventional methods.

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