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Fibreglass Division
Lining of Old or New structures
Pipes, Ducts, Chutes, Effluent, Channels
Jointing Systems
GRP offers the advantage of complete design, engineering, fabrication (at site), trial run and commissioning of Fiberglass Corrosion Resistant Industrial Equipment like Tanks, Vessels, Reactors, Bins, Silos, Pipes, Ducts, Hoods, Blower Fans, Fan Blades,  Butterfly and Diaphragm Valves (6 to 36"dia), Louvers, Effluent Channels, Pits, Sumps, Troughs, Pump Bases etc. Lining of Old or New structures.
Fibreglass Storage Tanks, Vessels, Bins Scrubbers, Separators, Reactors, Sumps, Pits Pipes, Ducts, Chutes, Effluent, Channels Headers, Mixers, Stacks, Chimneys, Fan Blades

Fan Blades for Wind Mills, Cooling Towers & Aviation Industrial Scrrubers & Absorption Towers / Columns Horizontal Chemical Storage Tanks Upto 100,000 Liters Capicty Storage Bins, Vats & Silos for Food Grain, Powders & Granulars


Cooling Tower Headers  GRP Roll  Coverings for Paper Mills 

Electrical Collapsable Ladders Folding Industiral Ladders Industrial Pallets Industrial Walkways
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