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Joints include two general categories:

Unrestrained joints, which withstand internal pressure but not longitudinal forces.

Double O-ring Bell and Spigot joint.

The bell is obtained by mould during the pipe production and is part of the pipe itself. The spigot is machined on the other end and is part of the pipe too. In spray-up process continuous strand roving is fed through a chopper gun, combined with catalyzed resin, and sprayed onto the mould surface.

The hydraulic sealing is performed by means of two elastomeric O-rings, installed in hoop parallel grooves machined on the spigot.

By inserting a nipple through the bell and between the gaskets, one can test the joint immediately after assembly. This seal check gives high reliability to the installation.

Mechanical Coupling joint.
The mechanical coupling joint applies to plain ends of pipe and the sealing gasket is made of an energized synthetic elastomer.

Restrained joints, which withstand internal pressure and longitudinal forces.

Double O-ring Bell and Spigot with locking key joint
The joint is a double O-ring Bell and Spigot type with a locking device, that is inserted through a bell opening into a hoop groove. This joining system accommodates longitudinal forces.
Bell & spigot joint
Butt and Strap joint
This permanent joint consists of a hardening of impregnated glass, mats and tissues laminated according to specified width and thickness. The laminated joint provides continuity in both hoop and axial directions.


Flanged joint

GRP flanges are available to meet drilling according to ANSI, DIN, BS, UNI, etc.


Flanged Joint
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