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GRP Lining systems are designed to protect structures from corrosive attack of Industrial Chemicals. The development of systems was carried out with full recognition of the requirements unique to specific industries. GRP systems offer a broad range of available resins in conjunction with various methods of application. Each system offers the physical and chemical resistance required for specific application. GRP systems minimize the costly time required for new construction and the maintenance of existing structure.
MS Tank - Before MS Tank - After
Concrete Flooring - Before Concrete Flooring - After

The GRP system utilizes the highly Chemical Resistant Teflon/Vinylester/HET Acid/Bisphenol A- type Resins and Fibreglass chopped strand mat reinforcements to provide a strong, impermeable and durable lining that protects steel and concrete from corrosive attack. This lining system has excellent adhesion to metals, concrete, wood & PVC. It is unique in the sense that the entire lined area behaves as a MONOLITHIC STRUCTURE

The GRP Lining system is normally serviceable up to 80C in continuous 
immersion service and upto 95C for intermittent exposures. The system is 
applied to an average thickness of 3.5 mm inclusive of 0.5 mm C glass 
veil corrosion barrier. As a guide, the lining procedure is carried out in five 
essential steps :

Surface Preparation 
Lamination- application of fibreglass & resin 
Top coating
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