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GRP pipes need no protection against corrosion because the pipe materials are absolutely "corrosion proof" and thus are virtually maintenance free. Thanks to their light weight and their long length, GRP pipes are installed in times shorter than those required for other materials. This means higher efficiency in terms of manpower and equipment and a faster solution of social problems like the need for water.

Due to  the low internal roughness (25Ám), which remains unchanged also after many years of operation, the GRP pipes have excellent hydraulic characteristics and provide economic advantages over other pipes material.

GRP Pipes are manufactured using filament winding process on computer controlled machines. By adjusting the relative speed of mandrel rotation and glass distribution head movement, helical reinforced layers with different angles can be wound. In order to increase the pipe stiffness, especially on large diameter pipes, silica sand can be added to parallel layers of wall. Pipes manufactured using this process are used for aboveground and underground installations, with gravity flow, medium and high internal pressure.


Nominal Pressure up to 25 bar - for higher NP's, please contact our Engineering Dept.
Nominal Diameters from 25 mm to 3000 mm
Standard length 6 m up to ND100 and 12 m for bigger diameters
Both pipes and fittings can be designed and verified for full vacuum, depending on the specific pipeline characteristics.


GRP operates and maintains a Quality System that meets the intents and requirements of NBS Voluntary Product Standard PS 15 69 developed by National Bureue of Commerce, USA and adopted by SPI.


The installation combines the well known advantages of the composite materials (chemical resistance, light weight, very long lifetime, etc.) with an extremely easy and quick way of laying, thanks to our Jointing Systems.

GRP uses the double O-rings bell and spigot technology (with or without Locking Device): this is the most easy, fast and safe method of pipeline installation. We can provide you with  plain end pipes  with butt and strap  joints and fittings, depending on the specific installation needs

Trench line


Fittings are manufactured by the hand lay-up, contact molding and spray-up process. In hand lay-up and contact molding processes veil and alternate layers of mat and woven roving saturated with resin are applied on the mold. In spray-up process continuous strand roving is fed through a chopper gun, combined with catalyzed resin, and sprayed onto the mould surface.
    Continuous Elbows at various degrees;

    Concentric and Eccentric Reducers;

    Equal and Reduced Tees;

    Fixed Flanges;

    Stub Flanges provided with Steel or GRP backing ring;

    Blind Flanges;


Reduced Flanged Tee

GRP can also provide you with special fittings, fully prefabricated in accordance to your requests and ready to be jointed.

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